• With the ability to project up to 100" onto a variety of surfaces, the SMART LightRaise 60wi2 is a customizable solution that can fit in any sized room.
  • Differentiated pen and touch capabilities automatically detect whether the user is using a pen or their finger, creating a rich, interactive experience.
  • Between two and four users can collaborate together using natural and intuitive touch capabilities.
  • Multi-touch gestures add a unique element of interactivity to learning.
  • SMART LightRaise projectors work seamlessly with other SMART products through SMART Meeting Pro software
  • The optional extended control panel lets users get started quickly and access cables in one convenient location.
  • Includes two built-in 10-watt speakers and a microphone input, delivering a crystal clear audio experience.
  • SMART LightRaise projectors come with two rechargeable interactive pens that can be conveniently stored in the pen holder.
Price: $3,999.00