• SMART Board 55” Interactive Display with SMART Meeting Pro - SMAR-SBID8055i-G5-SMP
  • SMART Board 55” Interactive Display with SMART Meeting Pro - SMAR-SBID8055i-G5-SMP
  • Can be installed on a wall-mounted flat-panel display (wall mounting hardware isn’t included) or mounted on the SMART Mobile Stand for interactive displays (not included).
  • Digitizing technology
  • DViT™ (Digital Vision Touch) technology
  • Touch resolution 2000 × 2000 touch points
  • Touch input area 5 mm or greater. Accepts touch by finger or included pen.
  • Touch response time
  • Typically 14 ms
  • Multitouch Supports multitouch gestures for Windows® 7 operating system when the multitouch driver
    is installed
  • Meeting Pro Features:
    • Our collaboration and meeting productivity software that drives Freestorm visual collaboration solutions
    • Its touch-enabled whiteboard features, superior digital ink capability and flexible options for saving your work make it easy to share content and capture ideas in powerful, engaging ways
    • Access your software download link and instructions within 5 business days from date of purchase
Retail: $6,999.00
Price: $6,799.00
You Save: $200.00 (2.9%)


    Touch system
    Write or perform mouse functions by touching the board with a pen or your finger, and erase using the eraser tool – no proprietary tools are required.

    Touch Recognition
    Touch the board with a pen or your finger to write or perform mouse functions. Erase using the eraser tool or the palm of your hand. SMART’s Touch Recognition feature enables the board to switch between modes automatically – no special tools or actions required.

    Pen Tray
    Pick up a pen or the eraser, and the Pen Tray automatically detects which tool you’ve selected. Buttons on the Pen Tray activate the On-Screen Keyboard, right-click and help functions.

    Digital ink
    Simply pick up a pen to write in digital ink. You can even use your finger to write. No special tools are required, and you don’t have to launch any software. Just walk up to the interactive whiteboard and start writing.

    SMART Notebook software included
    SMART Board interactive whiteboards come with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, which sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons within a single application. It puts all your instructional materials at your fingertips, and allows you to save any notes or content you write during the lesson to share with students later on. A powerful and easy-to-use application, SMART Notebook software enables you to readily deliver interactive lessons that keep your students engaged and interested.

    Save function
    Capture your work to SMART Notebook software as a screenshot that you can edit, or save your notes directly into several software applications, including Microsoft Windows versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel, Adobe Acrobat and AutoCAD software.

    Durable surface
    The SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard’s resilient, hard-coated, polyester front sheet is secured over a robust aluminum composite backboard. The surface is tear-proof, optimized for projection, compatible with dry-erase markers and easily cleaned. With an incredibly low return merchandise authorization (RMA) rate of less than 0.01%, SMART Board interactive whiteboards may be the toughest interactive whiteboards on the market. All SMART Board interactive whiteboards are rigorously tested, designed and produced in an ISO 9001 certified facility.

    Wall-mount bracket or floor stand
    Install your SMART Board interactive whiteboard simply and securely with a wall-mount bracket, or add mobility to your interactive whiteboard with a height-adjustable floor stand equipped with sturdy locking casters and stabilizing safety guards.

    USB cables and extenders
    Connect the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to your computer with USB cables, or increase the reach of your USB cable by up to 66' (20 m) with USB extenders.

    Expansion slot
    Use the expansion slot to add hardware upgrades to your SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Upgrade options include a projector-control button and SMART SystemOn, which enables a one-touch, simultaneous start-up of the computer, projector and SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

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