• Two people can instantly start working together without having to switch into a separate multiuser mode or work in a confined area.
  • Sensors detect and automatically respond to user movements, so the interactive flat panel turns on and stays in active mode when people are near and turns off when no movement is detected.
  • The 8000 series features a commercial-grade, high-definition display powered by SMART’s proprietary DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology, crisp 1080p images that make it easy to engage students in lessons.
  • Its high-definition, shadow-free design ensures that lesson content is easy to see.
  • Two people can simultaneously write, perform mouse functions, erase and manipulate objects on its display – no special tools are required.
  • Use simple, intuitive hand and finger gestures to work with content, including one- and two-finger navigational gestures – such as panning and flicking pages – and object gestures, like zoom, toss and rotate. The 8000 series also supports touch gestures found in Microsoft Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating systems.
  • The 8000 series uses DViT technology to identify when you switch between your finger, a pen or an eraser.
  • You can write notes over any lesson and save them as a SMART Notebook file.
  • The 8000 series is equipped with two pens that magnetically attach to the bezel. Its control buttons enable you to select the color of ink, right-click and launch the On-Screen Keyboard and help functions.
  • The 8000 series features a hardened glass display.
  • Meeting Pro Features:
    • Our collaboration and meeting productivity software that drives Freestorm visual collaboration solutions
    • Its touch-enabled whiteboard features, superior digital ink capability and flexible options for saving your work make it easy to share content and capture ideas in powerful, engaging ways
    • Access your software download link and instructions within 5 business days from date of purchase
    • A SMART Meeting Pro Room Edition Standard Software Maintenance License is REQUIRED with the purchase of this item:
    • SMART Meeting Pro (Room Edition) - 1 year standard software maintenance
Retail: $8,799.00
Price: $7,999.00
You Save: $800.00 (9.1%)