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    *** Please note that SMART Meeting Pro (Room Edition) 1 year standard software maintenance is REQUIRED the purchase of this item. ***

    SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard

    Experience an extraordinarily natural way to interact with lessons with the SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard. It enables two users to start working on lesson activities simultaneously, using their fingers or a pen. With the 800 series, teachers and students can truly collaborate, making lessons more magical and interactive.

    Hands-on collaboration
    The 800 series represents a new class of interactive whiteboard. As a powerful, multitouch interactive whiteboard, the 800 series enables two users to simultaneously interact on the system’s surface, while using different tools or their fingers to write, draw and manipulate lesson content. The interactive whiteboard doesn’t have restricted user areas or a separate multiuser mode, so collaborative opportunities are always at your fingertips.*

    The magic of touch
    Use simple, intuitive hand and finger gestures to interact with your lesson content. The touch gesture* capabilities of the 800 series make it easy for you to toss, rotate or zoom in on lesson content, or control applications in Windows® 7 or Snow Leopard operating systems. A user can also independently write with a pen, erase with a palm or move objects with a finger – there’s no need to access on-screen menus.

    Rich in classroom resources
    Find thousands of high-quality resources on the SMART Exchange™ website. The SMART Exchange features lessons made specifically for SMART products, including the 800 series – created either by SMART or by third-party developers.

    Part of the SMART classroom
    The 800 series has a modular design, making it easy to add additional technology and accessories, like SMART projector controls. The interactive whiteboard also integrates with the SMART Document Camera™ and SMART Response™ interactive response systems. And accessories like the SMART mobile floor stand and wireless Bluetooth® connection mean that you can incorporate the 800 series into a variety of learning environments.

    SMART UX80 projector

    The all new SMART UX80 ultra-short-throw projector is HD-ready and provides 3,300 lumens for classrooms with high ambient lighting, and an ultra-short throw distance that virtually eliminates shadows and glare. The extended control panel provides easy access to all audiovisual products in the classroom and enables teachers to switch between inputs and access power and volume controls from one location.

    The projector is mounted directly above the interactive whiteboard for simple installation, and the swivel projector mount makes alignment easier. And its long-lasting lamp and filter-free design reduce maintenance costs. The UX80 is also 3D ready, offers 2 HDMI inputs, an integrated speaker, and the ability to control 2 displays simultaneously. The UX80 comes with the widescreen SMART Board 885ix interactive whiteboard system.

    SMART Board 800 Series Features 

    Multitouch experience
    Two users can simultaneously write, perform mouse functions, erase, and manipulate and move objects on the interactive whiteboard surface – and no special tools are required.

    Freestyle interaction*
    The system enables two users to instantly start working together without having to switch into a separate multiuser mode or work in a confined area. And each user can individually complete actions, like writing in digital ink or moving objects with their fingers.

    Object awareness
    The 800 series recognizes when a user switches between using a finger, pen and eraser. A user can also write with a pen, erase with a palm and move objects with a finger, without having to press buttons, access on-screen menus or replace tools in the Pen Tray.

    Touch gestures*
    Use simple, intuitive hand and finger gestures to toss, rotate or zoom in on objects and interact within SMART Notebook software. The 800 series has built-in support for Windows 7 and Snow Leopard.

    SMART Ink™
    Discover a responsive and accurate writing experience with SMART Ink. It smoothes out the appearance of the digital ink, which improves the legibility of your handwriting as you write over applications, websites and videos. The ink becomes an object that you can move and manipulate.