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  • Instantly transfer written content onto any device
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    2014 / REAL TIME

    SMART kapp allows you to write, draw and capture ideas using dry erase SMART ink markers, just like the old-fashioned dry-erase board, while enabling you to instantly save your work images, convert them to PDFs, and send to anyone, anywhere, instantly. SMART kapp technology dramatically improves collaboration for people in remote locations as well, giving them the ability to follow the evolution of ideas in a SMART kapp session in real time.

    If you know how to use a dry erase board you know how to use SMART kapp. Switch it on, wirelessly connect your device to SMART kapp and you are ready to go. Installing kapp is as easy as hanging a dry erase board and the only wiring needed is to plug it in to any standard outlet. There is no need for any IT integration.

    Instantly Transfer Written Content onto Any Device

    SMART kapp eliminates the ineffective practice of photographing whiteboards and flipcharts or furiously typing notes during meetings to save and share valuable information and insights.

    Share Content Anywhere in the World

    As if by magic, notes from SMART kapp appear real-time on your own device as well as remote participants computers, tablets or smart phones.

    "Each SMART Kapp is a beautiful piece of design, it will grace any workplace, office, studio, school, conference hall, hotel, office or any location where people try to capture ideas." - Neil Gaydon, SMART CEO

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    What file formats can I save my snapshots?
    The 2 formats currently offered are jpeg and PDF What is the file size of the snapshots? Each snapshot is a small file, usually no more than 30KB 

    Can I write on the boards with any dry erase marker?
    SMART kapp capture board is designed to be used exclusively with the provided SMART kapp dry-erase pens. Other pens will not allow notes and drawings to be captured digitally

    Do I need an internet connection to use SMART kapp?
    SMART kapp itself does not require access to the internet (wired or wireless). The mobile device that connects to the kapp board will require Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan in order to live share a kapp board session via the cloud, or send captured snapshots via email. 

    Can I connect multiple SMART kapp boards together?
    SMART kapp is designed to connect only with a mobile device, hence SMART kapp boards cannot be connected to each other 

    Can I connect a SMART Board to the kapp board (or the reverse)?
    SMART Board interactive flat panels can view the live share from the SMART kapp capture board by opening the live share link in a web browser

    Is SMART kapp mobile? Can I move it between locations?
    SMART kapp weights around 35lbs and is easily setup in almost any environment, however it wasn’t designed for mobility. The VESA-compatible mount works with many third party mobile floor stand allowing SMART kapp to be moved between rooms with an office or building. 

    How many dry-erase pens does SMART kapp come with and can I buy additional pens as replacements?
    SMART kapp comes with three SMART dry-erase pens. These pens both write dry-erase on the glass board and allow for digital capture to USB or a mobile device. Additional SMART dry-erase pens are available in packs of three by visiting smarttech.com/support. 

    How do I connect my mobile device to the kapp board?
    SMART kapp is designed to easily connect to a mobile device. Simple scan the board’s QR code (iOS or Android) or tap the NFC tag (Android only) to initiate a Bluetooth connection. 

    Can I connect a PC to the kapp board?
    SMART kapp is designed to connect directly to the SMART kapp app via Bluetooth using an Android or iOS mobile device. Snapshots captured on a mobile device or on a USB thumb drive can be shared and used on a PC

    How many users can I share my live kapp session with at one time?
    Up to 5 users can be invited to view your live SMART kapp session SECURITY

    So the data from the board gets sent to an external service – isn’t the cloud a scary place where people can steal data?
    We protect your sensitive information in the kappboard.com cloud by using only encrypted communication protocols (HTTPS) and removing it from the service as soon as you stop sharing it. These measures are in addition to industry-standard security best practices. 

    What prevents someone from sneaking content from my executive’s SMART kapp capture board?
    When a user connects to a SMART kapp capture board, there is a visible connection icon to display this status. SMART kapp uses only encrypted protocols to communicate over Bluetooth (over-and-above what Bluetooth itself provides) effectively eliminating the risk of data interception in the air. Furthermore, for capture boards which routinely capture confidential content, you will be able to set a PIN/passkey on a board so that must be entered in order for kapp apps to connect and sync information from the capture board. 

    If I erase the dry-erase ink can anyone connect to the SMART kapp board look at my content?
    No. Once physical dry-erase is erased its digital counterpart is also permanently deleted from the capture board. Only the remaining ink that is physically visible on the surface of the capture board will be synced to devices that connect.