Samsung DM40E 40" Digital Signage

by Samsung

The Samsung DM40E 40″ LED Digital Signage is an effective way for retailers to promote products, unify brand identity and increase traffic. Samsung DME Series SMART Signage provides powerful 24/7 performance and high-quality, clear images in a sleek and professional design with competitive cost. This digital signage has integrated System-on-Chip semiconductor with a 1 GHz quad-core processor and 8GB of storage. Enjoy the option of more than just a screen with the built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections.

 * 24/7 dependable commercial operation
* 8GB memory storage 
* Brand New - *Open Box*
* 3rd Gen. Samsung SMART Signage 

* Adaptable for various business needs
* Streamline content management 
* Free Shipping Included
* Built-in Media Player



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