Avocor E-Series Interactive Flat Panel 65"

by Avocor
SKU AVE-6520

The Avocor E-Series 65" display utilizes superior glass and touch technology to deliver extremely accurate whiteboarding and distinguishes between pen, finger, and palm to create a collaborative environment for users. Unique connection panel in the front of the board allows guest user connection via USB or HDMI directly to the front of the display. 

Digital Whiteboard
Web Browser
Native Screen Sharing
* Front-facing integrated soundbar
* 20 Touch Points

One-touch conferencing solutions

1-Year Tango Teach License (Windows Only)
Basic Mount or Cart included with purchases through 2020 Calendar Year

Quick Launch: Quicklaunch 4.0 allows you to  customize your ideal meeting room using your preferred meeting platform. Quicklaunch Supports Over 30 Conferencing Providers for One Touch Join including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, Cisco Spark, WebEx, Blue Jeans, Lifesize, Go To Meeting, Google Hangouts, and more.


+ Computing: Turn your Avocor Interactive Display into an all-in-one big screen touch PC with the Avocor i7 OPS PC. The 7th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor provides processing power for even the most demanding content, allowing you to multitask and run multiple programs simultaneously on a Windows 10 Pro Operating System. The PC is easily installed and eliminates the need for external components.

Download: Interactive Display Comparison - Compare basic features, prices, and additional accessories across all brands in one quick view. 

Additional Sizes: 55” | 75” |  86


 Comes with a basic mount or cart until the end of 2020
 Mobile stands, extended warranties or extended service plans not included.

* Discounts Available for Government and Education purchases

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