SX10, Wall Mount, Integrated 5x Zoom Camera and Mic

by Cisco

This item is noncanceable and nonreturnable

SX10 HD w/ wall mount, int 5x cam, mic and power supply
●  Wide-angle 83° horizontal FOV with 5x zoom
●  Optimal definition up to 1080p30 with content sharing at 1080p5*
●  F-value from 2.1
●  Integrated microphone
●  Automatic or manual focus, brightness, and white balance
●  Support for local directories (My Contacts)
●  Ready-to-use unit with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
●  Automatic or manual focus, brightness, and white balance

**License ที่ต้องซื้อเพิ่มในกรณีที่ใช้บนระบบ Cloud**

1. A-SPK-SH : Webex Shared Resources ซื้อตามจำนวน device ที่มี (คลิกเพื่อดู)

2. A-FLEX : Collaboration Flex Plan ซื้อตามจำนวนครั้งสูงสุดในการทำการประชุม ณ ช่วงเวลาเดียวกัน (คลิกเพื่อดู)

Package Contents
● CTS-SX10N-K9
● Wall mount kit
● TRC6 remote control
●  Power Supply + Power Cord


  Up to 3 Mbps
Minimum bandwidth for resolution/frame rate
  720p30 from 768 kbps
  1080p30 from 1472 kbps
Firewall traversal
  Cisco TelePresence Expressway Technology
Video standards
●  H.263, H.263+, and H.264
Video inputs
Two video inputs (HDMI or VGA selectable through user interface)
Supported Formats:
  640x480 (VGA)
  704x576 (4CIF)
  800x600 (SVGA)
  1024x768 (XGA)
  1152x864 (XGA+)
  1280x720 (720p)
  1280x768 (WXGA)
  1920 x 1080@30 (HD1080p)Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)
Video output
HDMI Output Supported Formats:
  1920 x 1080@60 fps (1080p60)VESA Monitor Power Management
Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)
Live video resolutions
Live Video Resolutions (Encode and Decode):
  176 x 144@30 (QCIF) (Decode only)
  352 x 288@30 (CIF)
  512 x 288@30 (w288p)
  576 x 448@30 (448p)
  768 x 448@30 (w448p)
  704 x 576@30 (4CIF)
  1024 x 576@30 (w576p)
  640 x 480@30 (VGA)
  800 x 600@30 (SVGA)
  1024 x 768@30 (XGA)
  1280 x 768@30 (WXGA)
  1280 x 720@30 (HD720p)
  1920 x 1080@30 (HD1080p)
Audio standards
  64 kbps MPEG4 AAC-LD, OPUS, G.722, G.722.1, G.711mu, G.711a, G.729ab, and G.729
Audio features
  High-quality 20-kHz mono
  Two acoustic echo cancellers
  Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  Automatic noise reduction
  Active lip synchronization
Audio inputs
  One internal microphone
  One external microphone, 4-pin mini-jack (Table Microphone 20 or Cisco Ceiling Microphone)
  One HDMI audio-in
Audio outputs
  One line out, mini-jack
  One HDMI, (digital main audio)
Dual stream
  H.239 (H.323) dual stream (CE8.2 or later)
  BFCP (SIP) dual stream
  Resolution up to 1080p5 (CE8.0 or later)
Multipoint support
  Cisco Ad-Hoc Conferencing (requires Cisco UCM, Cisco TelePresence Server, and Cisco TelePresence Conductor)
  H.323, SIP
  H.323 (CE8.2 or later)
Embedded encryption
  SIP/H.323 point-to-point (H.323 with CE8.2 or later)
  Standards-based: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  Automatic key generation and exchange
  Supported in dual stream
IP network features
  DNS lookup for service configuration
  Differentiated Services (QoS)
  IP adaptive bandwidth management (including flow control)
  Dynamic playout and lip-sync buffering
  Date and Time support via NTP
  Packet Loss based downspeeding
  URI Dialing
  802.1x Network authentication
  802.1Q Virtual LAN
  802.1p (QoS and class of service [CoS])
Call control
  Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)◦   Native registration with CUCM◦   Requires CUCM Version 8.6(2) or later with device pack for SX10 Quick Set◦   Basic CUCM provisioning◦   Firmware upgrade from CUCM◦   Cisco Discovery Protocol and DHCP option 150 support◦   Basic telephony features such as hold, resume, transfer, and corporate directory lookup
  Cisco Video Communication Server (VCS)◦   Native registration with VCS
  Cisco Webex
  Third-party H.323 Gatekeepers and standards-based SIP proxies
IPv6 network support
  Dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 for DHCP, Secure Shell (SSH), HTTP, Secure HTTP (HTTPS), DNS, and Differentiated Services (DiffServ)
  Support for both static and autoconfiguration (stateless address autoconfiguration)
Security features
  Management through HTTPS and SSH
  IP administration password
  Menu administration password
  Disable IP services
  Network settings protection
Certificate management
  Certificate Authority Proxy Function (CAPF) support for additional security
  Manufacturer-Installed Certificates (MIC)
  Locally Significant Certificates (LSC)
  X.509 Digital Certificates (DER encoded binary); both DER and Base-64 formats are acceptable for the client and server certificates; certificates with a key size of 1024, 2048, and 4096 are supported
Network interfaces
  One PoE-enabled LAN connector (RJ-45) 100-Mbit
Other interfaces
  One USB port for future usage
  One Micro USB port for debugging


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