Control Port Expansion Module


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The C2N-IO is a very compact device that adds control ports to any Crestron® 2-Series or 3-Series® control system. It connects via the Cresnet® control network and provides one RS-232, one IR, and two relay control ports.[1] It can be mounted to any flat surface using two screws or adhesive reclosable fastener (3M® Dual Lock® included).

The C2N-IO is ideally designed for use with a Crestron touch screen control system ( TPCS-4SM, TPCS-4SMD, or TSCW-730), providing an advanced wall mount control package that fits in a 2-gang US or UK electrical box. The C2N-IO can be mounted inside the electrical box behind the touch screen, or it can be installed remotely requiring just one Cresnet control cable for power and communications.

  Cresnet® Cresnet slave device, 2-Series and 3-Series® compatible
  RS-232 Supports 2-way device control and monitoring up to 115.2k baud with software handshaking [1]
  IR/Serial Supports 1-way device control via infrared up to 1.2 MHz or serial TTL/RS-232 (0-5 Volts) up to 115.2k baud
  RELAY 1 – 2 (1) 4-pin captive screw terminal block comprising (2) normally open, isolated relays;
Rated 1 Amp, 30 Volts AC/DC;
Solid-state arc suppression across contacts
  COM (1) 3-pin captive screw terminal block, bidirectional RS-232 port [1];
Up to 115.2k baud; software handshaking support
  IR (1) 2-pin captive screw terminal block, IR/Serial output port;
IR output up to 1.2 MHz;
1-way serial TTL/RS-232 (0-5 Volts) up to 115.2k baud
  NET (2) 4-pin captive screw terminal blocks;
Cresnet slave ports, paralleled
Controls & Indicators
  NET ID (2) Rotary switches for manually setting Cresnet ID;
'00' setting enables touch-settable ID (TSID)
  PWR (1) Green LED, indicates operating power supplied via Cresnet control network
  NET (1) Amber LED, indicates communication with Cresnet system
  SETUP (1) Red LED and (1) recessed miniature pushbutton for TSID
Power Requirements
  Cresnet Power Usage 2.5 Watts (105 mA @ 24 Volts DC)
  Temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
  Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  Heat Dissipation 3.5 BTU/hr
  Metal, freestanding or surface mount, surface mount bracket and 3M® Dual Lock® reclosable fastener included, fits inside a 2-gang electrical box or 2-gang UK (BS 4662) electrical box, 1.38 in (35 mm) minimum internal box depth required for C2N-IO and TPCS-4SM(D) or TSCW-730 combined
  Height 2.25 in (58 mm)
  Width 3.50 in (89 mm), 4.38 in (112 mm) with bracket
  Depth 0.83 in (21 mm)
  2.7 oz (75 g)


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