WizeFloor GO (PREMIUM)

by Tango
SKU SMAR-WF-01-0003

The WizeFloor is an award-winning interactive floor for education. It is designed to promote collective and differentiated learning styles and needs through play and physical activity.

From a projector learning games are projected onto the floor. A camera tracks the movements of the players who use their hands and feet to interact with the floor.

Includes: A complete self-contained interactive floor solution. Fully mobile and height adjustable with no physical installation required. Includes 12-months WizeFloor standard subscription providing access to hundreds of interactive games and activities built around 28 core application plus the ability to create up to 1000 of your own in the cloud.


  • Categorize
  • Flowers
  • Football
  • Memory
  • Pong
  • Puzzle
  • Quiz
  • Quiz (Multi)
    • Slides
    • Theme Cards
    • Balloons
    • Bubbles
    • ChessCalc
    • ChessMoves
    • Geometrix
    • Piano
  • Rubber Ducks
  • Poll
  • Paper Lines
  • Scratch
  • Stepstone
  • StoryTeller
  • Trails


    • Bomb the Pirate
    • Jewel Packer
    • Dungeon Jump (Memory)
    • Dungeon Jump (Spelling)

    WizeFloor Cloud Software: WizeFloor is a state of the art cloud-based solution allowing you to create content from anywhere in the world as well as controlling your WizeFloor remotely from mobile devices such as iPads or tablets.

    The WizeFloor community provides easy access to hundreds of ready-made games and activities. Quickly use or adapt these resources, and share your own creations with other WizeFloor users.

    The interface for creating activities and games is web-based and simple to use. You can access it from any computer in the school, or even at home just by using your normal web-browser - you don't even need to install anything.

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