WizeFloor Premium Subscription (12 months)

by Tango
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WizeFloor premium subscription (12-months). Access the full range of WizeFloor apps which underpin many hundreds of games & activities, including premium content, as well as the ability to create and store up to 500 of your own in the cloud. Includes access to the WizeFloor community and remote control from mobile devices.


The software running on the floor is a Windows program with various applications built into it.

When WizeFloor is turned on, the software displays a floor menu with the institutions' favourite learning games. The floor can be operated using only the body, and the children can navigate back and forth between games without using a mouse or keyboard. The teachers can edit the menu on their computer or mobile device. They can add their own games as well as games from the community.

The games and exercises on the floor are created using a suite of different applications that are designed in such a way that they stimulate interactivity, cooperation and inclusion for all the children using the floor. Most of the applications focus on the score of the team rather than the score of the individual.

When a game is completed, the group of children playing can choose to save their results on the score board as a way of competing against other groups of children. Since their answers are uploaded to the server, this also helps the teachers with pupil assessment.

The Windows software and license comes preinstalled with the PC.


To create or edit games for WizeFloor you need to use the web or iOS application. All games are stored in the cloud to allow editing to be done on any device and to continue where you left off on another device.

The application editors are simple to use and it is possible to add text, sound, pictures and videos as well as to set timing intervals, randomisation and much more. When a game is completed it can be shared with the community simply by pressing a checkbox. The community may then use it as it is, copy it and make changes or like and comment on it. This makes it easy to build upon the experiences of others.

You can access the editing software below. Please note that you need a login to start creating games.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: WizeFloor Standard Subscription (12 Months)

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