MA-1 Document Camera + Scottie Go! EDU Bundle

SKU 1385-SGE

Scottie Go! EDU is an education game that allows educators to interact with their students while teaching the fundamentals of programming. Designed as an immersive STEM experience, Scottie Go! EDU helps students learn about basic programming concepts such as loops and variables. Like other versions of Scottie Go! products, the EDU game helps teach students to think analytically and logically, while working together to solve complex programs. Used in Early Education. 

Paired with MA-1 model STEM-cam for Education. This is an Android-based document camera which allows you to browse the web and various education apps over WiFi or wired network connection.

The MA-1 comes with a Miracast display multi-touch screen for navigation and a built-in battery, allowing educators to move about the classroom and directly engage with students.


  • Outside Dimensions: W8.6" x D4.5" x H13.5" (full setup); W8.6" x D4.5" x H2.25" (folded) 
  •  Weight: 2.1lbs
  • External Control Terminal: Navigation buttons on base
  • Lens: F=2.0
  • Frame Rate: 30
  • Zoom: 16x Digital
  • Imaging Area: 13” x 17.25” (4:3)
  • Illumination: White LED

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