WizeFloor One

by Tango
SKU WF-01-0001 - WF-01-0003 - WF-01-0005

WizeFloor is an award-winning interactive surface, encouraging play, movement, communication and collaboration.

Energize and engage the mind and body with a variety of games, challenges, activities and visual effects projected on to a floor or table and made interactive using camera tracking technology.

Taking part individually, or in small teams participants can use their hands, feet and other soft play items, such as bean bags and cones to complete challenges, score points, answer questions, or simply create mesmerizing and calming visual effects.


  • Integrated PC,  WiFi, 3200 lumens projector, Orbec tracking camera, 30W stereo amplifier and speakers, wireless keyboard and remote control. 
  • Height adjustable mobile stand for Wizefloor One. Electronic height adjustment, locking wheels incorporating useful keyboard tray. Adjustable angle allows projection on floors, walls or tables. 

WizeFloor Software:
WizeFloor quizzes, puzzles, stories, challenges, reveals, trails, sports games, visual effects, you name it. There is an activity for everyone.

The 'Play' packages include a library of either 50 or 100 ready made games and activities.

The 'Create' package includes everything in 'Play', plus the option to customize every app with your own images, text and theming. The 'Create' package is perfect for making cross-curricular interactive lessons, or to theme games and activities for school trips, parties, holidays, events and special occasions.

All activities in 'Create' are cloud-based, allowing content to be created at work, or from the comfort of your home.

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