Swappable Power Supply


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The Secure Power Unit (Ref.SPU001) is a new power protection module designed for the SmartMatriX Ultra, Ascender 32 and Ascender 48. The Secure Power Unit features dual power supplies providing redundancy against branch circuit failure or unstable power. Its battery module provides approximately 10 minutes in case of mains loss, thus offering time to restore power or back up the system. The Secure Power Unit can be managed from the Web RCS, the user interface designed for the LiveCore™ series, offering advanced status monitoring. This can be achieved by simply connecting an included RS232 cable between the LiveCore™ device and the Secure Power Unit.

  • Power protection module for select LiveCore™ devices
  • Dual power supplies provide redundancy against branch circuit failure
  • Battery module secures against mains loss or unstable power
  • To protect the following Seamless Switchers: ASC4806: Ascender 48 _ ASC3204: Ascender 32 _ SMX12x4: SmartMatriX Ultra
  • Slots for up to two hot-swappable power supplies
  • Battery module provides approx. 10 minutes of power in case of mains loss, permitting time to restore power or back up the system
  • Replaces the existing removable power supply of the L

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