SMART Meeting Pro Perpetual License (Room or Personal Edition)


Room Edition - Perpetual License
Designed for: Dedicated meeting room computer

Personal Edition - Minimum 10 Perpetual Licenses. Ask if additional licenses needed (11+).
Designed for: Personal computer

This powerful SMART Meeting Pro is a visual collaboration software that allows users to create and capture ideas in the virtually unlimited interactive Unbound Workspace, as well as make notes over any available application, keep meetings organized and easily communicate outcomes.


  • SMART Meeting Pro is fully supported on Windows 10
  • Adobe PDF integration
  • Radar View keeps a maps-style overview of your content that shows your current location and content that is outside of your current view.
  • Control which content appears on which screen to ensure you get the most out of your multi-display setup
  • Enhanced Interaction Performance
  • Exchange and Office 365 integration
  • Build out customized Business Galleries using your company's templates
  • Insert bookmarks to easily navigate to content when


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